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Surrender and Reset - Psychedelic Ascension Series

Surrender and Reset - Psychedelic Ascension Series


Acrylic, and spray paint on Canvas

25cm Heart




Is this a twin flame breakup or is it a twin flame separation? If your twin flames soul bond is romantic in nature, you need to know what the twin flame separation symptoms and signs are. It’s a significant and very challenging part of the twin flame journey, but also a very rewarding one.


Once the separation is in effect, you’ll hit the wall of no contact. You may or may not attempt to communicate with your twin flame and see that they’re very closed to that – even going so far as blocking you. The separation blues will set in, and I won’t lie, it’s no walk in the park. But you’ll get through it because you’re a kickass lightworker. Then you’ll deal with overcoming rejection and confront the last vestiges of your ego

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