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2014 (May-Sept) Wild Dolphins Aberdeen

51 Dolphins for Wild Dolphins Aberdeen for WDC and the Archie Foundation


From 23rd June – 29th August, the streets of Aberdeen will come alive with giant sculptures of dolphins. The sculptures will be designed and painted by local artists, creating an arts trail around the city and showcasing Aberdeen’s rich cultural offering.

The creation of Trevor warphin

Wild Dolphins Aberdeen Trevor Warphin: About Created by Mandii Pope for the public art trail Wild Dolphins Aberdeen. WW100 Trevor Warphin is a tribute to our forefathers of WW1 & 2 Description One of 50 amazing sculptures in Aberdeen this summer - June - August Public Art project: Wild Dolphins Brought to you by: Wild in Art



The Archie Foundation and WDC http://www.thearchiefoundation/

Sponsored by: St James's Place Wealth Management

Place of creation for WW100 Trevor Warphin: The Putney Exchange shopping Centre

Sponsor: St James's Place Wealth Management -

Painted by: Mandii Pope


2014 (June-Aug) Wild in Art Wild Dolphins Aberdeen -- WW100 Trevor Warphin



From 23rd June -- 29th August, the streets of Aberdeen will come alive with giant sculptures of dolphins. The sculptures will be designed and painted by local artists, creating an arts trail around the city and showcasing Aberdeen's rich cultural offering.


Name: WW100 Trevor Warphin

Description on WW100 Trevor Warphin the Dolphin plane: Trevor Warphin is a mix of a number of WW2 planes from Britain, America and NZ and Scotland as a tribute to our forefathers and remembrance of WW100. His nose/mouth is an American P40 Warhawk with sharks teeth and a moving propeller. The body and cockpit is a Supermarine spitfire Mkla from the 610 and 428 Squadron in Biggins Hill where many New Zealanders were based.


WW100 Trevor Warphin has D-Day stripes on the tail His registration ML-407 relates to the "Grace Spitfire" flown by female pilots and also my family name for generations Both my Grandfathers fought in WW2, my Great Grandfather in WW1. Grandad RTW Speirs served was in the NZRAF both NZ and Scottish regiments based in Canada, Scotland and the Pacific Islands. Grandad Pope was based in Egypt. Great Grandad Speirs was Scottish. RTW Speirs and his army number is my Grandad Robert Trevor Wright Speirs. Grandad Spiers wasn't a pilot but he was in the RAF as a navigator, lieutenant and a sergeant. Trevor Warphin has the Scottish 612 Squadron logo.



Hugh Somerset Tucker - 20 year old New Zealander from Taranaki, based at Biggins Hill in the 428 Squadron. Hugh has a few close calls when his plane was almost shot down. Hugh blacked out as his plane plummeted in a downward spiral. He woke up 2000ft before he hit the ground and pulled the throttle up nearly missing a train. The propellers 4ft below the plane narrowly missed the ground with the tail collecting a clump of grass on the way up. Hugh decided to fly to the nearest airport for a spot of lunch, upon his return he saw a note on his plane that it was unworthy of flying. He thought to himself, buggar that - I'm 70 miles from home, so took off without clearance and flew home.


The wave:

Side one from top to bottom - All New Zealand Planes One one side are New Zealand planes. A Spitfire with markings as a tribute to kiwi pilot Hugh Somerset Tucker who flew at Biggins Hill in squadron 485 OU*H The Silver P51 Mustang is Trevor Blands. NZ2451. Trevor now in his late 70s flew in the RAF and the Warbirds in NZ. He was also a commercial pilot for Air NZ and taught most of the Air NZ commercial pilots flying today.


The next plane down is the Harvard EN*E flown by Ernie Thompson. As kids we grew up on the beach with Trevor & Ernie and their kids and often went for rides in the planes over Pauanui. The bottom is a Mosquito EG*Y the only mosquito built in NZ at Ardmore Airport in Auckland. Side two from bottom to top - Scottish planes except for Ferocious Frankii On the other side of the wave are various Dolphin planes from the 612 Aberdeen Squadron.


The bottom plane is a Whitley VII (Sept 1941-June 1943) WL*U The next plane up is a Spitfire F Mk 14 (Nov 1946-Oct 1949) RAS*L The next plane up is a Vampire FB Mk 5 (June 1951-Feb 1957) The top is an American Mustang Ferocious Frankii Trevor Warphin is named after Trevor Bland from the Warbirds and well respected Air NZ Pilot, it is also my Grandads name.


Warphin comes from a FB collective There are 2 ways to find out the details of Trevor Warphin:

On FB:

Or on my website which tells the whole pictorial story (this will be completely updated by the end of the week.

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