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2015 (Mar-April) The Big Egg Hunt NZ - Aotearoatiki (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch)

About The Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt


The eggstraordinary Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt in support of Starship is back in New Zealand for Easter!


Following the rip-roaring success of last year’s inaugural hunt down under, 100 giant eggs created by leading and emerging New Zealand artists, designers and celebrities have been hidden in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


From 12 March to 7 April 2015, the public can scramble to the streets to hunt the stunning artworks and download the app to take part for a chance to win a grand prize; four gold Whittaker’s Wabbit necklaces designed and crafted by Partridge Jewellers.


The Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt will raise funds for the Starship Foundation, a social-profit organisation which supports the national children’s hospital to provide world-leading care for more than 120,000 patient visits each year. The eggs will be auctioned off for Starship, 80 of them on Trade Me, and 20 at a gala cocktail event on 31 March. As principal sponsor, Whittaker’s is committed to contributing at least $150,000 to Starship Foundation through an on-pack promotion with its top-selling Creamy Milk block, which features a wrapper designed by a Starship patient.


The Big Egg Hunt concept first came about in London in 2012 to engage the public in a fun and interactive way while fundraising for charity. Since then The Big Egg Hunt has grown to include Dublin, New York and New Zealand. It is believed to be the biggest egg hunt of its kind worldwide.

Information about The Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt is on Facebook at


We would like to acknowledge our artists, volunteers, supporters and sponsors – particularly our principal sponsor Whittaker’s. On behalf of the staff, children and their families at Starship, we are truly grateful for your eggstraordinary support. Thank YOU!

the creation of Aotearoatiki egg

The Aotearoatiki design is based on the NZ Flag with a tiki on the front.  The tiki is the symbol of fertility relating to the egg sculpture.

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