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(Hospices of Hope events)

2013 (Oct) A Starry Night (Hospices of Hope)

Hospices of Hope started work in Romania in 1992.  There was no hospice care whatsoever available in the country at that time. Morphine was illegal. Cancer patients had no pain relief and were simply left to die in pain. The health system was corrupt and people avoided seeking medical help as they could not afford to pay a bribe. 

Other countries in the region have similar problems and so they extended their work into Serbia in 2006, the Republic of Moldova in 2008 and Albania in 2018.

The network includes Hospice Casa Sperantei and Hospice Emanuel in Romania, BELhospice Hospice in Serbia, Hospices of Hope in Moldova and Ryder Albania in Albania. We have offices in the UK (Kent and Scotland) and an office in the US.  

For the "Starry Night" Fundraising Dinner, a commission was specially painted for the evening with a take on Van Gough's famous painting "A Starry Night"  The difference is, I painted the town of Brasov with the Black Church from the town in the foreground.  Brasov, Transylvania, Romania is the town whereby Casa Sperantei is located.  A hospital for Palliative care patients.

2011 (Oct) Hospice of Hope –

City Dinner Fundraiser with brian moore,

The Hilton, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

The “Brian Moore ”painting  was donated to the Hospice of Hope City Dinner for the main Auction.  My small contribution of this Brian Moore painting raised £1,200.


Brian Moore is a former England International rugby union player, winning a total of 64 England caps between 1987 and 1995.  He has played club rugby for Nottingham, Harlequins and Richmond and was part of the England front row with Jeff Probyn and Jason Leonard who came close so close to winning the World Cup in 1991.  He went on two British and Lions tours winning  five test caps.

2010 (Nov) Hospice of Hope –

Edelweiss  Charity Ball Fundraiser,

The Hilton, Bucharest, Romania

Hospice of Hope Edelweiss Ball. Bucharest Romania 10th Anniversary

10% of the Annual income for the Hospices of Hope charity for the Hospices in  Brasov, Moldova, Serbia, and hopefully a new Hospice in Bucharest come from the Annual Bucharest Ball.  €10,000 for a Doctor, € 5,000 for a nurse. 


This is a huge event for the Hospice and is vital for the fundraising team to raise as much as they can as there is virtually no healthcare in Romania.

I donated another piece, this time for the Silent Auction, this time raising €1,100. It’s not much but every little bit helps. I have been out to the Hospice in Brasov and have seen the magic the staff perform with the patients. 

2010 (Oct) Hospice of Hope –

Art Therapy for terminally ill patients in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

Hospice Casa Sperantei, Brasov, Romania 


Founded in 1992, Casa Sperantei began life with an office of one nurse treating terminally ill patients for the first time in Romania. As well as hospice care at home, in 1992, Romania’s first in-patient hospice was opened to treat and manage patients’ illnesses and symptoms for three weeks at a time. The hospice can bed up to 20 adults and 6 children at any one time.

 Hospice home-care still continues with medical teams of doctors, nurses and social workers visiting patients and families in their homes.  The hospice also has an out-patient clinic for patients, as well as a day centre. The hospice is now regarded as a Centre of Excellence for South-Eastern Europe.

My partner at the time Marc Jenner worked  for Hospice of Hope in  Bucharest and Brasov Romania. After working non stop for 18 months I decided to travel to Romania on a working holiday. 


We decided we would do an Art Therapy class with the Hospice kids.  We made T-shirt’s, each with the kids names on the back, and on the front ,they could choose anything they loved.  The kids chose animals.  To ease the language barrier with the help of Google images and a blackberry, the kids chose the image of the animal they wanted.  I drew out the images in pen , Marc drew their names in pen and the kids painted the rest.  I plan to go back and help out again anyway I can.