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public art commissions

A collection of various Public Art Commissions

2017 (Dec) Rosemary's bookbench

Rosemarys Bookbench - A combination of characters from the Far Away Tree and Winnie the Pooh riding a train through Long Acre Forest (A fond memory with their Grandfather), painted as a commission on a mini Bookbench for her Granddaughter.


Rob and Kate meet at Keeble University and got married.  They wanted books as wedding presents.

Grandma Rosemary has been a very sneaky Grandma, secretly finding out book titles of books they received, such as Mister Magnolia and Jules Vern Seven Novels.

Grandma Rosemary and Grandad Ian have been plotting this for months.  They decided to commission a Bookbench sculpture into their favourite childhood books, Winnie the Pooh and The Faraway Tree. 


The Land of Dreams/Wishes are the Remarkables in NZ.  Kate rides her bike everywhere so there is a tandem for them both to ride around and explore the land of Dreams and Wishes.  A place Rob has not been yet but would like to go.  Kate worked at 10 Downing Street, so the door to the Faraway Tree is #10.  Lotty the family dog, sits at the bottom chatting to Rabbit, whilst all the characters from both books intermingle in the tree.  Grandad Ian loves his trains, so he is driving a little steam train through 100 Acre Wood with Rob and Kate on the train, stopping at The Faraway Tree to embark on an epic adventure.  The back of the book is Rob and Kate's initials intertwined. 

Grandma Rosemary also took note of their first dance wedding song "Tom Odell - Grow old with me".  There have been about 200 emails meticulously designing every aspect of this Bookbench to the perfect detail.  "We hope you love this Rob and Kate, so much love and attention has gone into your wedding present from Grandma and Grandad, they have been very sneaky stealing your photos and asking questions to create this video.  Congratulations on your marriage 3rd September 2016.

2015 (jun) cow repair, London

A private commission repainting a cow from The Cow Parade public Art Trail in London.

2015 (Dec) Landmark Plc BookBench Mayfair, London

Private Commission advertising a new floor at 48 Dover Street Mayfair for Landmark Plc's Serviced Offices

The BookBench sculptures are produced by Wild in Art.  Primarily for Charity Public Art Trails, schools projects and occasionally private commissions.  


The miniature Landmark BookBench was a private commission for Landmark Plc, designed specifically as a unique eye catcher to promote a new floor at Landmark Plc’s Mayfair Centre,  48 Dover Street in the West End of London


BookBench History:

50 large BookBench sculptures were created for Books About Town for the National Literacy Trust in London Summer 2014 raising £250,000 for the charity at Auction.  


The smaller sculptures were painted by schools promoting the awareness of literacy, reconnecting the public and children with old favourites reminiscent of previous generations, inspiring today’s children by combining art, imagination and reading whilst exploring the wonder of London.  


The sculptures were painted as famous titles with a tie to London such as Sherlock Holmes, Narnia, Agatha Christie, Mary Poppins, Paddington Bear and many more much loved childhood classics.  


Another 8 BookBench sculptures were also used in Loughborough in Leicestershire as part of the Loogabarooga Festival celebrating 100 years of Ladybird books.


Wild in Art have created many sculpture shapes, from Cows, Gromits, Penguins, Owls, Lions, Barons, Gorillas, Olympic & Commonwealth Mascots, Giraffes, Rhinos, Elephants & Dragons to name a few.  Working with various Charities raising millions of £££’s all over the world.  


The sculptures are designed by local artists and famous names.  They are displayed for a summer in a city for the public to find, then go up for Auction raising hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of £££’s for Charity per project.  


Landmark employee and in house Artist Mandii Pope has painted 16 public Art projects over the years including 3 BookBenches for Books about Town in 2014.

Serviced Offices to Let.  3-30 person suites


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