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2017 (Jun - Sept) Moor Otters  - Ewok Otter  -

Moor Otters Public Arts Initiative supporting Dartmoor National Park


Moor Otters are a series of 100 unique pieces of art which will be displayed in public accessible areas in and around our National Park and gateway towns in 2017, after which they will be auctioned off to raise valuable funds to enable the park to continue conserving the landscape for current and future generations to enjoy.


To celebrate the incredible diversity of habitats and wildlife and to raise vital funds to help conserve our landscapes and create incredible experiences for all of our visitors, we are creating a unique public arts initiative and we are now inviting you to become involved.


The Moor Otters public arts initiative, which is the first of its kind to be held in and around a National Park, will allow you to brand, promote and benefit from a year long programme during which Moor Otter sculptures will be hand painted or decorated by a range of artists and then adorn our public spaces in and around Dartmoor National Park and our Gateway towns.


construction - paploo ewot

Paploo Ewot (Ewok Otter)

His name is "Paploo Ewot" Paploo lived in the Bright Tree Village on the Forest moon of Endor, during the Galactic Civil War. Paploo is the wise, strong Ewot who heroically risked his life for the Rebellion. It is Paploo who jumped on the speeder bike to distract the Troopers away from the Imperial Shield Generator bunker.


In the series, Paploo is just as strong, wise, and risk-taking. According to one Ewot legend, Paploo challenged Logray's authority and became the new Ewot medicine man.


He was a skilled Ewot scout like his friends Teebo and Wicket W. Warrick. When a Rebel strike team, led by Han Solo, arrived on the moon to destroy the generator powering the Death Star II's deflector shield Palpoo aided the Rebels in infiltrating the generator facility. In order to reduce the number of guards outside of the bunker's back entrance, Paploo stole a speeder bike belonging to Imperial scout troopers.


Two of the three troopers sped after him, while only one remained behind. Though the Rebels were initially concerned that Paploo's actions would draw unwanted attention, his actions allowed the Rebels to capture the remaining stormtroopers and enter the facility. Though the Rebels were captured, they were nonetheless able to later destroy the shield generator, allowing the Alliance Fleet the successful chance to destroy the orbiting Death Star.


In the summer of 2017,  Paploo alongside 100 Otters now part of his Ewot tribe plans to educate the nation on conservation throughout the Forest Moon of Dartmoor


Meet "PAPLOO EWOT" A #starwars Ewok Otter, one of 100 Otter sculptures in #Dartmoor 4 @moorotters @dartmoornpa public art trail this summer. @moorotters @dartmoornationalpark

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