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various charity fundraisers

Various charity fundraisers that have touched my heart in some way that I have felt connected to in some way and wanted to give back and help.

2017 (aug) cure kids auction fundraiser

Cure Kids hosted a evening hosted by Kent Gardener raising awareness for Cure Kids.

I painted a fluid art painting called "Under the Microscope" which was donated to their Fundraising Auction

2013 (Mar) SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask (SDBM) Burlesque and Comedy Fundraiser

Skin Deep Behind the Mask (SDBM) Burlesque and Comedy Fundraiser

CHARITY:  The Broadway Bar & Grill 474-476 Fulham Road London SW6

SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask (SDBM) presents…

“NAUGHTY BUT NICE” Burlesque and Comedy Fundraiser on Thursday, 31st of January, 2013

Please visit for further information

Program Includes:


The Original and Premier Burlesque Academy in the UK. Bringing you the Elite in Burlesque training producing some of the finest British Burlesque. Burlesque Baby also specialises in Vintage Entertainment and Vintage themed Hen Events. They pride them selves in producing the best Hen events in the UK and only having classes taught by people who live and breath the Vintage Era.


INDIANA BELLE Burlesque performance à

Indiana is Australian Burlesque Artist. Stylish and alluring on stage, Indiana has a presence that draws in men and women alike whilst performing, her shows are nothing short of a stunning, a reminder of the America Burlesque stage shows of the 1950′s.


BELLE EVE Burlesque performance à

A London based international burlesque artist, cabaret promoter, pin-up model and burlesque teacher.



Special P is known for his observational humour and uses unique expressions and body language from the offset to engage and captivate his audience. He has a cheeky wit and charm with the ladies and gives the guys side ripping lines to take home. It is very rare to find a comedian with such adaptability to cover a wide range of material.


TATI SMIDT Fashion à

Hand finishing clothes, embroidering, accessories design, macramé, knitting, exclusive leather handwork. Has big wide expirience in famous clothing design studios in London: Elisabeth Emmanuel, Alexander McQueen, Aquascutum, Tiffany, Jasper Conran, Giles, Manolo Blahnik, Donald Campbell



Young talented SDBM fashion team has prepared exquisite collection of Burlesque style lingerie from recycled clothing in- keeping with the spectacular atmosphere of Vintage and Burlesque.


VERA NIM Acoustic Live Music Performance à

Singer – Songwriter from Cambridge.  Her music is inspired by Wayward Daughter, Daniela Andrade, The XX and the Paper Kites.

The Artwork:

This work “Iced Aloe”  has been especially painted for the Skin Deep Charity.  I relate to this charity as I have suffered from serve Eczema in the past trying all sorts of potions to cool the cracked/burnt skin.  I have chosen cool coloured naming this painting Iced Aloe as I found personally was something that used to help me.  My condition wasn’t as severe as others yet I still have an understanding of the pain and wish to help in whichever way I can for this fabulous charity.   SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask (SDBM) is a non profit organisation dedicated to supporting sufferers of all types of skin diseases by helping to manage their condition and symptoms. It also aims to educate and raise awareness of the difficulties skin disease patients face and the impact it can have on their families and loved ones. There are valuable independent small charities and support groups that are dedicated to specific diseases. However, skin diseases can be complex and wide ranging in nature with many patients finding they are diagnosed with secondary or additional conditions. Some of the rarest conditions are the most unrepresented by charities with little or no support provided to those in need.

Unlike some illnesses, skin disease is very overt in nature and cannot be easily hidden. The emotional and psychological effects can be as debilitating as the physical complications. It can take its toll not only on the sufferers but on those who support and care for them. SDBM has been established to provide education, support and guidance to sufferers and carers alike for all types of skin diseases. We are not competing with other skin charities, but instead aim to work closely with them in improving research techniques, raising public awareness and providing better support and information.


The UK needs a charity to cater for all types of skin conditions, including the rarest of diseases. Some of the lesser known disorders remain a mystery even to medical experts and as yet have no cure. These sufferers still need a voice and to feel part of an integrated society where they can still enjoy a career and private life outside of a treatment room. Through its continued efforts, SDBM is aiming to provide a valuable resource of information and support for all skin types and conditions. 

2013 (Mar) SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask (SDBM) Proud Camden Fundraiser

Skin Deep Behind the Mask (SDBM) Fashion Show/Bands & Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition displaying spin paintings at Proud Camden, London

CHARITY:  Proud Camden – Stables Market, Camden Town, NW1 8AH, London

2013 (Mar) Honey Pot Children’s Charity Honey Pot Party The Dorchester

Donation of Artwork