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2015 Jun - Oct) The Barons Charter 2015 - Winter Solstice Stonehenge Druid

The Barons' Charter - Salisbury 2015

From 12th June to 6th September 2015, The Trussell Trust, together with Wild in Art is staging The Barons' Charter Trail - the biggest mass participation public art event ever seen in the city.


The Barons' Charter will include 25 life-sized decorated medieval baron sculptures to be displayed as an art trail across the city, from 12th June to 6th September 2015. They will then be auctioned in October to raise money for The Trussell Trust, the UK’s leading poverty charity.



Winter Solstice Stonehenge Druid

This design depicts a traditional Druid Priest. Stonehenge is a site of Druid worship during Summer and Winter Solstice and has been for longer than man can remember.

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