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2016 (July - Oct) Pride of Paisley - Chewbacca Lion

Chewbacca Lion sponsored by Marks and Spencers for Paisley First Pride of Paisley Scotland

An absolutely roarsome, lion-inspired, public art trail became Paisley’s ‘mane’ event for ten weeks in Summer 2016.  Paisley-First-Pride-of-Paisley-Auction The Pride of Paisley Wild in Art project is being led by Paisley First Business Improvement District (BID) and will form part of the ‘Summer of Fun’ campaign. Organisers, in partnership with ACCORD and St Vincent’s Hospices, supported by a range of enabling partners (including Renfrewshire Council, University of the West of Scotland and West College Scotland) ran a FREE, family friendly trail of 25 colourful lion sculptures, painted by local artists, sponsored by local businesses and located across the town centre streets.


Paisley Museum’s popular exhibit – ‘Buddy the Lion’ – inspired the project, which also gave primary school children the opportunity to decorate mini lion sculptures, which were displayed inside participating businesses.


The event was the BIGGEST public art project in the town’s history and raised awareness of Paisley’s cultural and heritage assets, attracted new visitors and tourists, as part of the town’s culture-led, regeneration strategy.


Ultimately, all the lion sculptures will be auctioned on the 21st October in The Normandy Hotel, with proceeds split between ACCORD Hospice, in Paisley, and St Vincent’s Hospice, in Howwood. More information about the auction can be found here.



Chewbacca is a Wookie who travels the galaxy as a co pilot to Hans Solo on the Millennium Falcon, I planned to turn a snowdog into Chewbacca– an iconic Star Wars character with an already existing huge fan base.

The term “Wookiee” came from voice actor Terry McGovern....  Sounds with further walrus, lion, and badger vocalizations for the complete voice.  As Chewbacca's sound was already based on a lion and as I was  completing a series of Star Wars sculptures, Chewbacca the Lion seemed fitting.

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