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psychedelic ascension Series

GALLERY - psychedelic ascension series

We are all bound by the eternity of existence. The wheel of life goes round and round and makes us move through many incarnations. We travel in many alternate dimensions, worlds, star systems, and the universe before taking birth on this planet. As we move about in our soul journey, there is an inherent need to recover our lost goodness and innocence. We wish to return to our spiritual abode. Spiritual Ascension is this revival process by which we know of “who we are”?

Spiritual ascension is a magical awakening of your soul into a higher level of consciousness. It's a vibration frequency that generates positive energy and light. It unleashes your innate powers and wisdom. The ascension is an evolutionary process that is multi-dimensional and confusing.

Ascension is a process that helps you define your priorities in life and move toward spiritual goals. You release human urges and worldly desires as you ascend to a higher realm of spiritual connection. Ascension is an experience that motivates and inspires you to bring desired changes in your life that you have long craved for. It is like waking up from a dream, realizing the supreme power within you, and becoming strong and free-willed enough to define your destiny the way you want it to be.


The Psychedelic Ascension series was inspired by a spiritual reset weekend retreat in Kent.  We walked barefoot through the Forest, followed by a forest meditation, and spiritual reset experience.  A phoenix type series starting again focusing on spiritual inner strength, pressing the reset button and dreaming up new dreams.  Reaching for the stars through adversity.

Works vary in size from 20cm-80cm

These works can be purchased through directly through my website 

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