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NZ Flag Tiki

NZ Flag Tiki


Acrylic on Canvas

80cm diameter





NZ Flag Tiki - 80cm circular canvas



NZ Flag Tiki - 80cm circular canvas

The term tiki is applied to carved human figures generally, both by the Maori and by other Polynesians. The name possibly has some connection with the myth of Tiki, the first man created by Tane. On the other hand tiki or tikitiki is also a general term for carving in many parts of Polynesia, as, for instance, in Niue, where the Tiki myth is unknown and human figures were not carved. In New Zealand, however, tiki is usually applied to the human figure carved in greenstone as a neck ornament. The full name is hei-tiki.  It has been suggested that this ornament is a fertility charm representing the human embryo, and that it should be worn only by women. However, early European visitors saw men wearing the hei-tiki and it is probable that the squat shape of the figure was influenced by the hardness of the material and that it was later likened to an embryo and endowed with magical power

During a recent trip to New Zealand to paint some Giraffes for Christchurch Stands Tall, I had a spare 4 days and painted an Egg for the Big Egg Hunt NZ.  I loved it painting it so much it’s now a circular painting.

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