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Art Gallery Near Me

Fun things to do Petworth:  Visit The Dragon Gallery!

There is something special about striding up to a painting and absorbing the work that the artist put into the piece.


A piece of artwork is meant to make you feel a certain way because it certainly made the artist feel a certain type of way. Places like The Dragon Gallery are perfect for people looking for fun things to do in Petworth as locals can enjoy for a modest price. Home to both surging new and mid-career artists, The Dragon Gallery offers an exciting breath of fresh air with each and every visit.

If you are going to be visiting The Dragon Gallery in Petworth, you are going to have a couple of options while planning your trip. The Dragon Gallery offers in-person exhibitions that rotate throughout the year. Right now, The Dragon Gallery is showcasing its Spring/Summer 2020 Exhibition which showcases work by Simon Tayler, Michelle Heron, DS, Alexander de Cadenet, and Dave Shrimpton. The Spring/Summer 2020 Exhibition is also available for viewing completely on the internet. Who knew that you could enjoy work the quality of the national gallery collection from the comfort of your own home.

The Dragon Gallery is home to more than just a modest collection of paintings.  As a pristine gallery founded by Director David Todd, The Dragon Gallery has embraced contemporary art in a number of different avenues, from mixed media and print to photography, sculpture and painting, there is seemingly always something new and interesting to look at.

What makes The Dragon Gallery such a special place to visit is the full-throated support of emerging and mid-career artists. As a home for artists looking to leave an impression, visitors will always be wowed by the efforts put in place by the various artists on display.

If you are ready to spend a day absorbing culture and art then make sure to visit The Dragon Gallery!

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