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Contemporary Art Gallery

Where can i visit the best contemporary Art Gallery near me?

The Dragon Gallery is a contemporary art gallery for both online and High Street-based art enthusiasts. Located in its own Grade II building, the recently renovated gallery has slotted in exhibitions throughout the year for an ever-evolving slate of fine art. As a hub for all things creative and cultural, The Dragon Gallery seeks to provide a proactive platform for all artists that are seeking continuous improvement. If I were looking for galleries near me to visit, I know where I would want to start!

First and foremost, what makes The Dragon Gallery separate from other artistic exhibitions is their focus on emerging and mid-career artists. Galleries near me are typically stocked to the brim with established artists, but rarely is there a time for newer creators to have their work seen. The Dragon Gallery's goal of becoming a cultural hub, as seen through the eyes of founder David Todd, means that fresh artwork is always on rotation in this contemporary art gallery.

Right now, The Dragon Gallery is preparing to present its Spring/Summer exhibition online thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This means that the entire gallery can be viewed online. Artwork from Michelle Heron, Mike England, and Soo Jin Yoo underscore just a few of the amazing artists that worked on the Spring/Summer Exhibition.

David Todd is the founder and engineer behind the majority of the happenings at The Dragon Gallery. As the owner of a successful gallery in London during the '80s, Todd and the team at The Dragon Gallery are uniquely experienced to help foster the growth of not just new artists but also culture throughout the city of Petworth. As one of the most important hubs for supporting young and emerging artists, supporting The Dragon Gallery is akin to directly supporting those artists yourself.

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