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The Reunion - Psychedelic Ascension Series

The Reunion - Psychedelic Ascension Series


Acrylic, and spray paint on Canvas

25cm diameter




Which is the biggest challenge in the twin flame relationship?

As you might already know, the biggest challenge in the Twin Flame relationship is the stage of Twin Flame separation, as this stage can be very hard and painful. The next powerful challenge is doing the healing properly and preparing for the Twin Flame reunion.


If your twin flames soul bond is romantic in nature, you need to know what the twin flame separation symptoms and signs are. It’s a significant and very challenging part of the twin flame journey, but also a very rewarding one. Once the separation is in effect, you’ll hit the wall of no contact.  You must leave them alone to heal as they can only heal in separation.   Trying to heal in a new karmic will do nothing other than teach more lessons only to have more even harder to face again.  Be alone, stay alone and address the inner healing and rise your vibration.  Once both are truly healed and reflected, only then can there be a reunion.

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