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Pisces Full Moon 3

Pisces Full Moon 3


Silver enamel, silver leaf and tinted resin on canvas

20cm diameter (unframed)



Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is therefore said to hold the lessons of all the other signs inside of it. (No wonder Pisces can be easily overwhelmed!) A Pisces feels psychically connected to everyone and everything, and so a full moon in Pisces can be a super-sensitive, emotional time and a time to listen to your intuition.


Remember: The full moon illuminates. What is being illuminated for you right now? Where is your soul? What are you dreaming about? Set aside time this week to reflect on where you're at right now and where you want to be. Try writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up for the next few days; you may be surprised at the themes or patterns you discover. (This is also a frequently recommended lucid dreaming technique, so if you have ever felt interested in trying to control the stories of your subconscious, maybe this is the perfect time to delve into it.)


The Pisces full moon wants you to find wholeness with humanity and with everything around you.  It is a time to observe, especially when you are thrown off course or things do not go as planned. Now, Neptune is trying to give you some insight. Will you listen?


The Full Moon in Pisces is extremely magical and mystical.  We may find our deepest wishes, dreams, fantasies and aspirations that once felt impossible and out of reach, will now miraculously manifest and finally become a reality.


Expect:  Hightened spiritual connections, healing communication in alignment & manifesting instantly, mircales flowing, vivid prophetic dreams, increased intuition and perception.  Pay close attention for deja vu, signs, serendipites & syncronicities.  Seeing 11:11, 33 & 9:9 brings positive news and means dreams are coming true.

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