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Level Up 5D Ascension Heart - Psychedelic Ascension series

Level Up 5D Ascension Heart - Psychedelic Ascension series


Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

30cm heart (unframed)



The Earth is at the moment going through a historic shift in vibration, ascending spiritually from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This is often called 5D Earth or New Earth. 

So there is an Earth ascension happening, but our bodies are also going through the same shift (some people sooner than others).


This is leading to ascension symptoms as our DNA is being upgraded.  

This is because as spiritual beings, we operate on vibration, frequency, and energy levels.

So, to experience life on a divine energy frequency, you must go through a journey of spiritual awakening.


The 3D (third dimension) consciousness is the ‘physical’ world in which we live, known to everyone.

The 5D (fifth dimension) is the non-physical world, a level of consciousness that is only experienced by the spiritually awakened.


Spiritually awakened people operate on energy vibrations that vary based on dimensions.