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Auckland City

Auckland City


Acrylic on Canvas

80cm diameter




Auckland City Viaduct New Zealand


Auckland City Viaduct New Zealand

Viaduct Basin (often Viaduct Harbour) is a former commercial harbour on the Auckland waterfront, now turned into a development of mostly upscale apartments,  office space and restaurants. It is located on the site of a formerly run-down area of the Freemans Bay / Auckland CBD waterfront in Auckland City, New Zealand. As a centre of activity of the 2000 America's Cup hosted by the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, the area enjoyed considerable popularity with locals and foreign visitors.

The development of the Viaduct Basin in the late 1990s as a mixed-use area of apartments and restaurants has been an uneven success. Some of the resulting buildings are considered very handsome, and the area was provided with a good selection of public, and semi-public spaces. In the basin itself are moored a colourful array of working boats and yachts, some of which are available for charter. The Auckland City Council has initiated a programme of public artworks for the area.

However some of the new residents of the area have objected to the use of the public spaces for events on the grounds of noise, so the attractive and expensive hard landscaping is less used than originally intended, since the area was designed as a setting for ongoing use by large crowds of people as it saw during the America's Cup in 2000. Some local residents have also objected to the high prices charged by the restaurants and shops. Noise and security issues connected with the local venues and eateries are also an ongoing concern as the Viaduct Basin continues to be a popular attraction for Auckland residents and tourists

Before coming to London, The Viaduct was my favourite haunt.  A whole lots of fun I barely remember.

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