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Air NZ Logo

Air NZ Logo


Acrylic on Canvas

60cm diameter






I fell in love.  Right person, wrong time.  A soul mate, a twin flame. As time progressed I discovered more and more synchronicities.  I heard him, he didn’t hear me 13 years ago and again 9-11 years ago.  We could have met on both occasions but didn’t.  I could have been a flight attendant meeting him 13 years ago. 9-11 years ago I also unknowingly used to sit on the beach, my feet in the sand watching the waves  roll in outside his house waiting/hoping to be found but wasn’t, as I spent all day on the beaches where he lived back then. Suddenly one day I felt he was gone and I came to London, knowing I needed to stay in London until I met my destiny.  The London path has taught me to relentlessly chase my dreams, which I may not have done if we did meet earlier back in NZ.  London also taught me to channel my emotion into my work, especially right now and this painting in particular.  I have a deep knowing that everything will all work out eventually.  Never in my life have I experienced such a deep karmic connection.  A knowingness of centuries of past lives spent together.  Within 20mins of meeting I could sense a lovely energy.  We did not look for each other, it just happened spirit bringing us together in an uncontrollable force.  I will always be eternally grateful for having the chance to experience such a deep soulful love for the time that I did.  Meeting a twin flame is a very rare occurrence only a select few get to share.  If you are reading this, If it ever becomes the right time...please find me, In this lifetime would be great, if not then the next one... And THANK YOU for showing me that twin flames and soul mates do exist and a very real love over centuries is possible x

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