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Art Gallery Near Me

The Dragon Gallery is the Art Gallery near me for Contemporary Exhibitions.

Scribbled on the fringes of every map made during the medieval ages was a line. That line, portentous and iconic, simply stated, "Here be dragons." Typically this simple yet powerful line would address the unknown world, opting to warn of potentially mythical and fantastical monsters waiting beyond the reach of man. Now a national gallery exhibition at The Dragon Gallery is attempting to capture those same mysterious and fantastical feelings by way of their artwork. If I were looking for an art gallery near me that offered a bit of excitement, I'd want to start my search with The Dragon Gallery.

The Dragon Gallery is an established art gallery near me that offers frequent exhibitions throughout the year. With a revolving door of professional exhibits that feature both rising and mid-career artists, The Dragon Gallery offers a stage for often unseen artists to showcase their work to an appreciative audience. Through the national gallery exhibition choices that The Dragon Gallery brings to Petworth, visitors will get to marvel at an entirely new and foreign yet deeply personal world.

The Dragon Gallery offers both online and offline visiting options due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Located on High Street in Petworth, visitors to the Grade II building will be wowed by the artwork that they see during their visit. From sculptures and mixed-media projects to painting and photography, there is always something fresh, new, and exciting to see and interpret.

Visitors to The Dragon Gallery will be getting the chance to enjoy the hard work and efforts put together by The Dragon Gallery team, including Director and Founder David Todd. Todd previously had operated his own successful gallery in London during the 80s before relocating to Petworth to continue his work. The goal of The Dragon Gallery is to simply provide a platform for the cultural enrichment of all sorts.

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