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Hei Tiki Paranihi on gold 30cm

Hei Tiki Paranihi on gold 30cm


Acrylic and gold enamel on canvas

30cm diameter




The Hei Tiki represents the human form and one's ancestors. Traditionally passed from parent to child or used for protection and good luck. It links the past, present and future.

The Hei Tiki is commonly regarded as a symbol of good luck and of fertility, representing the unborn human embryo and as such it is often seen as a symbol of remembrance or fertility.

. Hei Tiki is thought to be a representation of the first man. The Māori believe the wearer of a tiki talisman to be clear thinking, perceptive, loyal and knowledgeable.

The two tikis are an eternal love story between Paranihi and Amarana of past present and future, of two ships continuously passing, following the sun and the stars along the Pacific Ocean until they reach their final destination in Aotearoa , watching the calm waters roll in on the beach in Tamaki Makaurau eventually reuniting sharing stories of their sea adventures and never-ending love

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