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Art Gallery

Benefits of spending time at your local Art Gallery.

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Petworth? With so many entertainment options available to us, it is hard to watch as conventional art galleries become a thing of the past. Art galleries are where new artists and established names alike can showcase their work for the public, thus opening the doors to new conversations about their process, their work, and their place within the cultural zeitgeist. If you are looking for an exciting and unique way to spend a day, consider heading to The Dragon Gallery in Petworth.

The Dragon Gallery is one of the rare art gallery options available where newcomers and mid-career artists alike are treated the same. Visitors to The Dragon Gallery will marvel at work from new artists that have yet to make its way to galleries across the country. The Dragon Gallery offers a unique blend of sculpture, digital prints, mixed media, and conventional contemporary painting techniques. With an ever-rotating door of exciting travelling exhibition galleries, you are all but guaranteed to have something fresh to consume during your next visit.

More than just a place to consume great artwork, the team at The Dragon Gallery is focused on turning their establishment into a cultural hub for all of Petworth. The gallery focuses on providing a provocative platform for artists to learn their craft, hone their techniques, and experiment with their styles. Visitors to the gallery will enjoy mental stimulation, improved memory, and fulfilling conversations with their company at the gallery.

David Todd and Amanda-Grace Pope are the Directors at The Dragon Gallery and it is they who have curated much of the collection that is currently on display. David Todd previously operated a successful gallery in London during the 80s before switching his focus on his work with The Dragon Gallery.

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