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2013 (March/July) Great Gorillas Project Paignton Zoo (Darth Vader Gorilla)


The The Great Gorillas Project is a public Art project by Wild in Art raising money and awareness [email protected]  My Darth Vader design was sponsored and chosen by Cavanna Homes Ltd.  If you are familiar with the cow parade, the project will be very similar, with numerous painted Gorillas on public display for 10 weeks in Devon, Exeter and Torquay during June/July before being auctioned for charity. Keep up to date with the project by following on Twitter @GreatGorillas @Wild_in_Art @PaigntonZoo @mandiipope or @DarthGorilla  


To read more about my sponsors Cavanna Homes see this link:  To view the project on ITV1:


Miniatures - We made two miniatures - One for Babacombe Village, the other to be reproduced.  I met Dave Prowse the Real Darth Vader who kindly signed my miniatures.

Great Gorillas Launch Day.