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2012 (Dec) “Live Art” King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes – Annual Charity Dinner

Live Art painting Buckingham Palace in two hours, with help from esteemed guests and the Lady in Waiting.


About the Charity:

The Hospital was founded by Agnes Keyser in 1899 as a hospital for sick and wounded Officers returning from the Boer War. Their commitment to those who have served their country remains as strong as ever and today, their subsidy and grants programmes are open to all uninsured serving and ex-Service personnel and their spouses, ex-spouses and widow(er)s.


Their subsidies are automatically offered to all Service patients and are given regardless of rank, length of service or treatment, whilst their means-tested grants, dependant on the financial circumstances of Service patients’, can cover up to 100% of Hospital fees. Through the provision of this financial assistance, they recognise and reward those who have served in the Armed Forces, by enabling them to receive swift and discounted access to an exceptional standard of care.

If you would like to support them:

King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes, Beaumont Street, London, England, W1G 6AA +44 (0) 20 7486 4411 [email protected], [email protected]


The Annual Charity Dinner:

“King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes Committed to supporting those who have served in HM Armed Forces, King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes subsidises fees using charitable funds, to Service and ex-Service personnel. The Annual Reception is being held on the 20th November and will be attended by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent and many of our affluent supporters consisting of Royals, aristocrats, Lords, Ladys and Celebrities.”

I am the Live Art entertainment for evening.  My mission… To complete a painting of this mock up below of Buckingham Palace with 3 sets of armed forces in the foreground in 2 hours!!!  Let’s hope my painting raises a phenomenal amount and lets hope the Duke agrees to paint a little brush stroke to bump up the auction price.